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Organic Benifuki with Benifuki/Lemongrass/Ginger




Benifuki no Nigami is made with a blend of ginger and lemongrass to make it easy to drink and finished like herbal tea. It is the most popular among customers to boil it in hot water and then cool it.人気。

※Methylated catechins are sufficiently extracted by brewing at high temperature. Unlike medicines, there are no side effects such as drowsiness, so you can rest assured.心です!

Variety Benifuuki

Origin Tatsuyama Village

Manufacturing method Medium steaming Medium heat

Recommended extraction temperature: 90

Recommended extraction time: 120 seconds

Sweetness 2 Umami 2 Astringency 4:4

Name Tea TB

Ingredient name Organic lemongrass from Tatsuyama village Organic ginger from Haruno town Kochi prefecture機生姜(高知県産)

Contents 21g 3g 7BAGSAGS)

Tea bags made from corn-derived materials We use Soilon tea bags.す。

Organic Benifuki with Benifuki/Lemongrass/Ginger