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 At the root of all brands' feelings、

”Delicious for your heart and body every day”



Organic tea brand TEAGROBD from Hamamatsu

We use organically grown leaves and deliver them from Hamamatsu to all over the world. Together with Japanese champion tea master Nagata, we are pursuing the style of tea so far and in the future, considering the individuality of tea leaves and the compatibility of materials.ています。

Simple whole food is the source of life Many of the foods we usually eat have the highest priority on convenience and efficiency, and it is becoming more and more difficult to eat for health. Convenience and efficiency We only provide products that we want to be close to.を提供しています。


Farm to Table organic traceability


「 TEA GROBD Reefs are all organically grown organic We will consistently deliver from an important origin what kind of person creates and grows what kind of environment.はお届けします。


GROBD Style leaf for life


Together with Mr. Nagata, a tea master who has won the national tea examination technology tournament, we face Reef every day so that we can maximize the original potential of Reef without sticking to existing tea making.ます。


Local to Global familiar existence


In order to deliver the goodness of tea that suits the times and places, we will pursue not only the deliciousness of tea leaves and ingredients as a taste, but also how to snuggle up to them.ます。